May 9, 2024

Chattanooga, Tenn

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NervesConf 2024 is a one day conference, featuring speakers from around the Nerves community.

The conference is being held at The Edney, the same venue as GigCityElixir, from 9:00am to 5:00pm on the day before GCE.

GigCityElixir is known for great Elixir content. We are working with the organizers of GCE to ensure there is no overlap in speakers. NervesConf is aiming to give Nerves talks at all levels.


Jon Carstens

An update on the Nerves project and what's coming next.

Powell Kinney

Nerves and LiveView as a powerful toolkit for robotics.

Lars Wikman

A special presentation.

Alex McLain

So you want to develop a product with Nerves...

Ryota Kinukawa

Introduction to relationship between Nerves and Linux.

Mike Waud

Problems for Future Me: Practical Challenges in Maturing IoT Systems.

Ben Murphy

The Life of a Thermostat, from Concept to Production.

...And a few words from our friend

Frank Hunleth


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May 9, 2024

The Edney Innovation Center

8AM - 9AM: Registration
9AM - 9:15AM: Welcome
9:15AM - 12PM: Morning Talks
12PM - 1PM: Lunch
1PM - 4PM: Afternoon Talks
4PM - 4:30PM: Closing Remarks